How Yoga Improves Performance
Hopefully, we’ve all heard in class that yoga is not about the result, it’s about the journey. No posture is really ever finished. We can progress in our poses, but each pose can and should be forever worked upon, as the mind and spirit, which is where the true work lies, continually align.  Despite all of that though, we can use our yoga practice to continually enhance our performance in other activities. I dare say that no matter what activity or endeavor you have in your life, consistent and persistent yoga practice will improve that other activity.

For instance, let’s say that you feel that your job needs improvement. Clearly, hard work and diligent attendance are essential, but yoga can help in so many ways. First, yoga itself creates focus by helping to eliminate distraction and improve concentration. Second, yoga can provide a more directed approach to work, and it could get you out of that “water cooler” mentality that can draw away from making you most productive. Finally, finding balance and centeredness inwardly will absolutely help interpersonal relationships and allow additional calmness in the heat of a work day.

Additional examples abound, but I think the point is made. By adjusting your mindset, even slightly, to allow for self-care and a healthier mind, body and spirit, yoga can help you progress in just about any other activity. Come take a class from me or email me directly if you have questions. I’d love to hear from you!
Matt Sanderson is a yoga teacher and a practicing attorney. He’s also the founder and president of Yogis On The Go, which brings yoga to you, anywhere and anytime. Check out our website or email me directly at