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Challenging workout with clear instruction. - Lynn B.  Dallas, TX

Very welcoming.  I just started practicing at 50+.  Matt and the other yogis are wonderful and very patient.  Everyone seems to feel challenged and I just do what I can for now and never feel judged for not keeping up with everything.  I look forward to more classes. - Sherie S. Arlington, TX

The teachers at Yogis On The Go are extremely knowledgeable and professional.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, the Yogis On The Go instructors make sure you have a rewarding yoga experience.  Not to mention, they will come to you! - Cole R. Dallas, TX

I started practicing yoga to help with a lower back problem.  However, I stopped going regularly because my health club cut back on yoga classes and it was inconvenient to find classes somewhere else that fit in my work schedule.  With yoga at the office, there is no excuse not to go,  and my back feels better again. - David E. Dallas, TX

This was an amazing way to to start my wedding day! Big thanks to Matt, Hannah and Natalie for an awesome morning. - Sadie W. Dallas, TX