Yoga helps improve physical and mental well being. In addition, group yoga classes are easily customized for students of all ages and experience. Due to these benefits, yoga is becoming more and more popular with senior citizens. At Yogis On The Go, we bring the physical and cognitive benefits of yoga directly to senior living facilities and provide the added benefit of accessibility. From our group yoga classes, senior citizen students stay strong and healthy in mind and body. Here are the top five benefits of group yoga classes for our senior citizen students.

Improved Balance

Low impact poses like the warrior pose, tree pose and crescent moon can help dramatically improve balance. In addition, yoga poses are easily modifiable for all ages and experience levels.

Enhanced Cognitive Focus

Yoga improves brain function. As you practice yoga, awareness keeps coming back to a central theme. As such, yoga has been shown to improve focus in general as well as brain function.

Senior citizen group yoga


Improved Flexibility

Yoga helps seniors improve flexibility through range-of-motion exercises that strengthen the entire body. In doing so, seniors enjoy many more benefits aside from better flexibility, like improved posture, muscle toning, less muscular and joint pain and a greater overall sense of well-being.

Strengthened Bones & Joints

Regular yoga practice can help alleviate joint pain and tenderness. In addition, yoga has been shown to help reduce the arthirtis pain by lowering the levels of a protein known to cause inflammation. (Source: Arthritis Foundation)

Improved Breathing

Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath. Through breathing exercises like Pranayma, seniors can strengthen lung capacity, which is especially helpful for those with asthma or other forms of COPD. Pranayama helps students in several more ways, such as reducing stress, improving sleep and providing more oxygen to their bodies, which in turn can result in improved cardiovascular fitness.

Yogis on the Go
Located in Dallas, Texas. Yogis on the Go’s mission is to bring quality yoga to as many people as we can. We offer a wide spectrum of yoga classes to accommodate all levels of practice. Our community of instructors offer diverse experience and are passionate about bringing yoga to all. Sessions are taught on-site in the comfort of the student’s home, office or event.