We typically don’t think much about breathing. We inhale and exhale, and inhale and exhale, over and over without conscious awareness as to what our body is doing. Because of that, our natural breathing will not change how our body or mind feels.

However, focusing on breathing is a natural way to control the body’s systems and help those systems to perform at their optimal level. Furthermore, purposeful or mindful breathing can be key to relieving stress, keeping our mind clear and helping the brain to stay focused.

Breathing exercises can be particularly impactful for senior citizens. For those seniors who implement yoga breathing exercises in their morning routine, the positive outcome of conscious breathing techniques can deliver great results. The breathing exercises can be easily done in an individual setting or in a group setting such as a yoga class.

Mastering the art of breathing in yoga can be accomplished by practicing 5 minutes a day; the consistent exercises will help to develop an awareness of breathing with every inhale and exhale. Along with this awareness, mental focus and physical energy will increase while stress will decrease.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing helps the body to relax and can aid in reducing the heart rate and blood pressure. The deep intake of oxygen also helps the brain to function and perform at its highest capacity.

It is ideal to start by lying on the floor or in a comfortable chair with the legs in a comfortable position and your palms resting on your belly. Be sure that your surroundings are quiet or filled with calming sounds or music. Take a deep breath in slowly through your nose and feel your belly push out. Hold your breath for one second. Then exhale through your mouth for three seconds and feel your belly decompress. Repeat this yoga breathing technique for five minutes. If five minutes feels too labor intensive, start with two or three minutes of this deep breathing technique and in time, build up to five minutes.

During this deep breathing exercise, you will likely feel a sense of calmness and a clearing of the mind. The feeling of a focused mind and relaxed body are just a couple of the numerous benefits of doing Yoga in a group setting or individual basis. The benefits of yoga and breathing techniques are numerous and powerful.

In our lives, taking the time to stop and focus on breathing is typically not a top priority. However, yoga breathing exercises are exactly what you should be doing on a daily basis to relieve stress, improve thinking skills and feel your best!

If you would like to learn more about mindful breathing as well as the other benefits of group yoga sessions for senior citizens, Yogis On The Go offers a wide spectrum of yoga classes to accommodate all levels of practice.