The hesitation of trying new things as we get older, especially in the form of different physical activities, can feel overwhelming. You may not feel as fit as you were in your younger years or you may feel intimidated by innovative, high-powered workouts and unfamiliar equipment. Perhaps that is why more adults are turning toward yoga as a safe, fun, and low-impact workout, even those plagued by nagging health conditions or less-than-ideal mobility. Here are five reasons that yoga is great at any age.

Yoga Decreases Stress
Yoga presents many benefits, both physically and mentally, but its ability to decrease stress levels may be the most recognized. Using proper breathing and simple meditation techniques, you’ll learn how to nurture a place of tranquil introspection through restorative breathing exercises that help reduce anxiety and enhance your mood. In doing so, you will find yourself feeling more restful and relaxed.

Yoga Helps Safely Maintain Physical Strength
Yoga has been shown to improve and maintain flexibility, balance, and range of motion in people of all ages. Strengthening these areas expands joint mobility, reduces pain and stiffness in the back and neck, decreases joint tenderness, and reduces your likelihood of a serious fall. Because of yoga’s gentle, low-impact stretches and poses, it is especially effective for seniors in preventing strains and injury, allowing older adults to remain independent in their ability to participate in their daily activities for as long as possible.

Yoga Can Be Customized to Individual Skills and Fitness Goals
Enjoy a personalized exercise plan that begins with uncovering your group’s needs and goals. Together, your Yogis On The Go instructor will customize the perfect private yoga session for your group. He or she will also work with any physical limitations you may have through modifications and correct techniques that prevent aggravating any previous conditions or injuries. Whether your group is just venturing into the beginning phases of yoga or has lifelong yogis looking to maintain their skill level, Yogis On The Go’s certified instructors will help them grow.

Yoga Combats Common Health Problems
As we age, common health problems like osteoporosis can arise. Incorporating yoga as a part of your health routine can help prevent the development of these issues and may even ease the symptoms associated with osteoporosis, menopause, stress, Alzheimer’s, and insomnia. Your knowledgeable and experienced instructor will guide your group through a variety of seated and standing stretches and poses designed to improve focus, encourage good posture, and encourage a more restful night’s sleep.

Yoga Classes Foster Fitness and Friendship
Yogis On The Go’s private in-home classes are designed to improve your relationship with exercise as well as the foster the connection between those in your group. Collectively, you’ll increase your confidence and physical strength through guided practice that enhances awareness, self-acceptance, concentration, and interpersonal interaction. Group classes are ideal for providing opportunities to interact with fellow residents in a casual, fun, and safe environment led by one of Yogis On The Go’s enthusiastic and engaging instructors.