According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading reason for trauma-related hospital admissions in the elderly. In fact, every 11 seconds, an American over 65 years old is being admitted to the ER due to a fall. How do we keep building our balance even as we age?

However, getting dizzy, losing our balance, or tripping over an unseen obstacle isn’t something that only happens when we get older. Because we walk on two legs, falls are a potential hazard that we have faced our entire life. But we didn’t worry about that when we were younger because we had the core strength, a quicker reaction time, and the flexibility needed to help us regain our balance before succumbing to a tumble.

That doesn’t have to change; we can still live fearlessly. If we continue to engage in physical activities as we progress into our golden years, it can stave off many of the undesirable effects of aging. One of the most beneficial pursuits is yoga. Regularly practicing yoga can help us remain agile, strong, and alert – the three primary defenses that protect us from falling.

Yoga can keep us flexible by gently and gradually increasing our range of motion. It gives us the confidence to stay active and continue to partake in physical activities. When we hold yoga poses, we engage and strengthen the core muscles as well as the secondary muscles and ligaments that are vital to maintaining balance and help us to continue leading a rich and full life. Additionally, learning to breathe properly floods our blood with oxygen, which nourishes our entire body, keeping us alert and aware, so we can more easily identify and avoid unexpected obstacles. There are even studies that conclude individuals who practice yoga have a faster reaction time than those who do not.

In a group setting, yoga can also provide the power of courage and the joy of camaraderie. Fortified by a program that is tailored to meet the specific needs of a group, yoga can have a wide range of beneficial effects on the individual while helping to reduce incidents in facilities that house and care for senior citizens. Since falls can be fatal, regularly taking a group yoga class that helps you achieve better balance can be a true lifesaver.

Yogis On The Go’s mission is to bring quality yoga to as many people as we can. If you would like to learn more about all the benefits of group yoga sessions for senior citizens, Yogis On The Go offers a wide spectrum of yoga classes to accommodate all levels of practice.