Are you struggling back pain and feel the affects after each workout? Look no further because yoga can help! Every day activities can compress the spine and cause aches and pains that even ice and a back massage can’t fix. However, through the right poses and breathing techniques, you can strengthen your muscles and become more body aware in the process. It is proven that yoga can help relieve chronic back pain and reduce the need for pain medication.

How does yoga alleviate back pain?

Yoga improves your health in many ways, but it is especially beneficial for treating back pain. Though its focus on balance, strength and the right breathing techniques, yoga improves back strength and circulation, ultimately alleviating any back pain you might have.


4 benefits for your back

Here are 4 ways yoga can relieve your back pain.

1. Tension Relief:

One of the main reasons behind back pain is tension in your back. Stretching andrelaxation, two things found in every yoga practice, are proven to reduce pain by alleviating the tension found in this muscle group.

2. Body Alignment:

Body alignment is a critical part of your yoga practice as it relies on the belief that all parts of the body are connected. In yoga, not only are you strengthening your back, but you are also strengthening your neck, legs and core. Alignment aids in reducing lower back pain through an increase in strength and flexibility in your back, as well as other parts of your body.

3. Breathing:

Breathing is an extremely important part in not only relieving your lower back pain, but also in your yoga practice in general. Breathing exercises increase and circulate oxygen throughout your body, allowing your muscles to have a deeper stretch. Also, breathing can develop a yogi’s mediation for a better physical and emotional well-being, which is imperative in overcoming pain.

4. Awareness:

Awareness of your body increases with each practice you do. Not only can you strengthen and improve flexibility through yoga, but you can also better understand your body’s limits. An increased awareness works as a preventative measure for preventing future pain and knowing which motions your body can and can’t do.


Strengthen and protect your body.

You are only given one body and it is important that you protect it from excessive harm. If you are ready to alleviate your lower back pain or have any questions, contact one of our yogis any time and connect with us on Facebook.