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Hi All! And thank you for visiting!


In a word, I’m a teacher, and I teach a lot of things. For some folks, I teach yoga and nutrition through Yogis On The Go and at various studios and gyms. For others, I help people understand that they have a choice in this life and that no matter your situation, you have the ability to be happy. I do this here at Yogis On The Go.

For even others, I teach how the law works and how they can be successful working within it through my law firm. I mention all of these things to show you what I may be able to teach you and that I understand both the normal, 9-5 world, and how you can change that to suit your mindset and happiness needs.


You can contact me here for any or all of the following:

  • Teaching Yoga – Vinyasa yoga delivered to your door, anywhere, and almost anytime.
  • Nutrition Counseling – Learn how your body works and functions at its peak performance.
  • Lifestyle Design – Let me teach you how I designed my world around my needs and how you can too.
  • Even Legal Work – If you have a legal question, I’m also here for that too

I’m here to help you achieve your goals, so please reach out. I want to hear from you!

Thanks again!

More about Matt (if you’re still curious): I’m a native Texan. I live in Dallas with my two children. I teach vinyasa yoga at a Dallas studio, Uptown Yoga. I also am the yoga instructor for Krav Maga Dallas. My law firm, Cuccia Wilson, PLLC, helps all kinds of clients, and I specialize in real estate and corporate work for my national and international clients.

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